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Not Nice gue. Confident guy meeting and dating singles

Whether you are interested in free dating advice or simply just want to know more about our coaches and how they can help you, you've come to the right place. Our Dating experts have the expertise to change the way you meet and date women. If you are not happy with your dating life and want to drastically improve it, then read on.


You will learn how to:

v  Begin and carry on conversations with women effortlessly

v  Have fun and enjoy yourself as you meet and date women

v  Flirt with ease

v  Quickly discover if a woman is interested in you

v  Swiftly find out which women are a good match for you

v  Become more naturally attractive through change

    in style, confidence level and charisma

v  Always know what to do in meeting and dating situations

Dating Coach. Dating advice and tips

David Dupre


David is well-versed in the particular challenges of both day and night time social dynamics. Trust him to help you raise your awarness of every meeting and dating situation.


Find out more about Dave and read his articles.


Daring Coach Teaching how to meet women

Steven James


With such charisma and confidence, Steven is an amazing dating coach. Our clients find his energy and ethusiasm highly contagious.


Learn More about Steven and read his articles.



Dating Coach. Online Dating and meeting.

JT Patton - Online Dating Coach


JT's a master of online networking. He'll help you set up your profile, cover what to say and (not say) in messages, as well as help choose the profile pictures that'll turn heads. Learn online dating from A to Z from the master.


Learn more about  JT and read his advice on online dating.

Amazing, simply amazing. During program I was astounded by how much David and Steven knew about dating. To me it was like stepping into a brand new world, where I actually understood women. Needless to say, my dating life took off into the stratosphere.

Jason B,




Being a nice guy my whole life and never being even okay at meeting women, I needed a change. This program brought that change and then some. I am more confident now, better at talking with women, and just feel great and in control when I go out. I still need more experience, but the momentum is there and now I actually know what I am doing when it comes to women for a change.


Byron L,