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Online Dating Do's and Don'ts For Men


Profile, just like anything in attraction between a man and a woman, is about building interest. However, the profile is not about describing every facet of your life, hoping that the woman reading it will fall in love with you because you like sushi and she does, too.


       How to use the profile to build interest?


Before you even start writing your profile, remind yourself that you are the prize. Don’t even think about picking up the pencil or hitting one key of the keyboard until you are firmly in a confident frame of mind. Are you there? Alright, lets get started.

      First of all, for a woman to be interested in your profile, she actually has to look at it for more than two seconds. It has to stand out among all of the other profiles. The fact that you’re not going to mundanely describe your life will go a long way to make that happen. But you need to do more.


      Don’t get boxed in by the specific categories of the site.


Don’t think that “Self Summary” means you have to give a summary of yourself. You don’t. You don’t have to follow the rules. In fact, you shouldn’t follow the rules. “Self Summary” could mean anything. You could write down your favorite chili recipe in that section. After all, reading the savory ingredients would pique a woman’s interest more than reading that you have two cats and a goldfish. If you did choose to do that you should make it smooth by opening with something like “Self summaries are boring so instead here’s a tasty chili recipe.” Then, you could end it by saying “If I meet you and you win me over perhaps I’ll cook it for you.” Starting with something like that will immediately set your profile apart from all of the millions of boring profiles out there.


     With live interaction, women are attracted to confidence.


Be strong, be confident and keep your cool. You dont need to be a jerk to get the girls, but you do need to be confident when you message back and forth with a woman. You need to stay true to yourself but don't be a "nice guy."  If you often fall into the trap of being the “nice guy,” then you should write your profile in a way that you’re pushing the bounds and coming across as cocky and almost over confident. Chances are, you’re probably not doing this and your profile will still be in need of a serious tune up, but that's a good start. You'll be coming across as a man who knows what he wants and is confident enough to stand his ground.

      Finally, and this may sound obvious and general, but write well. No you don’t have to be Earnest Hemingway, but you should make an attempt to use good sentence structure and be concise in your writing. I equate writing style in the online world to body language in the real world. Strong, bold, concise writing will project the confidence that attracts women and makes them want to meet you in person.



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