how to go for a kiss? when to go for a kiss? innitating a kiss

  To kiss or not to kiss, that is the question. In this article i will answer it once and for all.


One of the major reasons that men shoot themselves in the foot is by going in for the kiss too soon.
“Should I do it now or should I do it later?"
"Is now really the right time?”
These are the thoughts that go through your mind as you
are on a date. What if you never had to think about kissing
a woman on the first date?


How much pressure would it remove from you?


A lot.

Think of it as this: If you have a really good time, then she will wonder if you like her or not. By not kissing her on the first date, you will make the date mysterious...and mystery is always good. A big key to remember while you are dating is to always keep her guessing. Since women are used to seeing a guy struggle on the first date with his kiss indecision, she will be surprised if you refrain, and it will keep her on her toes.


So, let's talk about the first date. After all, you need to be on a date, before you can go for a kiss.

The coffee shop is the best location for the first date. Not
only do you not have to spend much money, but it also shows
her that you are not trying to buy her attention. It shows her that
you’re not trying too hard to impress her. However, do not take her to Starbucks. You still will want to have a touch of romance in your
location. A place with a laid-back and a very relaxed atmosphere
will be ideal.



When to innitate kiss? When to kiss on first date?



More importantly and I can't stress this enough, keep the first date short and simple. A coffee shop or ice cream store are the best places for this reason. This way you can keep the romance in and leave her wanting more when the fun is cut short. The less contrived and overthought the date is, the better. You don’t want to impress the girl during a first date with a fancy activity. She should be impressed by your character, regardless of where you go.


On a first date you should also decide if you will want to see her again. When you go on a date with the mind-set of “trying to impress,” it will have a “trying too hard” vibe to it.



Since the date is only about an hour, it will make her wonder
about you and she will want to see more of you. You haven’t
spent enough time with a woman to give an honest “I think you
are fun” kiss anyway. The best time to go for a kiss is on the
second date--unless the first date was long and enjoyable, then
kissing her on the first date is totally fine. But, I would suggest
that when you start meeting and dating, that you remain
comfortable with yourself and keep the first date short. By the
second date she will be definitely ready to be kissed by you. Don’t
wait until the end of the date. Remember, if she went out with
you on a second date, she is definitely interested because she
could have stayed at home or have gone out with her friends.


Actions are always better than words. You don’t need to say,
“I like you, can I kiss you?” What you can do is take her by the
waist, look in her eyes, caress her hair, slowly pull her toward
you and kiss her gently. These small actions will say things
clearly without being obvious, and you will leave the mystery and
magic in through your actions. The meaning is expressed
through your actions. Now that you know know how to go for a kiss, go and do it.


Art Malov


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