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There is an old saying that says “the clothes make the man,” which has been and will continue to be true. Not to say that personality isn’t just as or more important, because it is, but our clothing makes statements about us without a word, even if that’s not our intention. Therefore, decide what is meaningful to you and the dress accordingly.


Beware of your limitations; we all know that what looks good on one man does not look good on another, so be honest with yourself. Take a good look in the mirror and decide what you like and where you can improve yourself, then setup a game plan to make some positive changes. When you feel good about yourself and your image, others will, too.

Looking your best – No matter what your size

What makes a man well dressed? Being well dressed involves a certain amount of style, confidence and willingness to take risks. If you want to stand out and be noticed by women you will have to follow some of the timeless rules to reach that goal. Since we come in different sizes here are some style, color, and pattern hints that should help.

Different Body Types


Shorter men should not wear wide patterns, pleats, or baggy tops. Tuck your shirt in even if you could lose a few pounds, because a baggy shirt or sweater cuts you in half and makes you look even shorter. With regards to color, use variations on the same color when you layer your outfits as a n aid to looking taller and thinner. When buying suits or jackets, make sure that jackets are “S” for short, not mediums or longs ( a trick used by many in the entertainment industry), as this makes your legs appear longer and you look taller.


Taller Men shouldn’t wear anything with too many stripes. A tall, slender person can wear patterns attractively like no one else can, such as plaid jackets or shirts and sweaters with horizontal patterns, as well as bold colors. In almost all cases the vertical line is the most flattering for men, so most guys should avoid horizontal patterns. IF you are very thin, you should concentrate on using layers with pleated slacks and medium/loose fit jeans.


Heavy-set men must really pay attention to their clothing. Avoid heavy textures and sharp contrasts; instead use subtle colorations and patterns. Tight clothing is a disaster as it over emphasizes girth. It possible there should be some shape to the clothing; however comfortable fit is absolutely necessary. If the pattern is wrong, too large or contrasting, it will not look good.

Another tip to look thinner: wear black ( all black or just the top), and NEVER wear white. For example, when dressed up one should wear a dark tone suit (one

or two buttons), with light colored shirt and ties, which allow you to create a slender and thinner “V” impression. Just remember, a person is well dressed when all of the parts fit, and every outfit you wear is seen in a setting, so always think about your environment and how you can look your best going into it.


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